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Published 05/20/2022 at 4:46am UTC

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How can I get a list of all of my organization's Groups?


Get all Groups

GET https://api.securevideo.com/group

The above API call would get a list of all groups that are in the organization.

Group JSON is returned, for example:

"GroupId": 329,
"GroupName": "Urgent Care Patients",
"GroupType": "Virtual Clinic Participants",
"GroupDescription": "Patients directed to First Response from the First Response website",
"PublicUserKey": "4f0f16857bbcf6c9c6a765a077fb9223"
"GroupId": 2687,
"GroupName": "Triage / Consult - Trauma Unit",
"GroupType": "Host Group",
"GroupDescription": "Triage / Consult - Trauma Unit",
"PublicUserKey": ""

Returned Group JSON properties are as follows:

    • GroupId is the SecureVideo identifier uniquely identifying the Group.
    • GroupName is the name given to the Group. This name is shown to all users.
    • GroupType is the type of the Group. Possible Group types are:
      • All Users: an automatic Group which contains all users
      • Schedulers: a Scheduler Group which can be assigned to schedule for a Host Group
      • Host Group: a Host Group which can accept appointments from a Virtual Clinic Participants Group
      • VirtualClinicParticipants: a Group of patients who can be configured to request sessions from a Host Group
      • Recording Viewers: a Group of viewers who can be configured to view recordings shared by a Group of Recording Sharers
      • Recording Shares: a Group of sharers who can be configured to share recordings with a Group of Recording Viewers
    • GroupDescription contains a description of the Group's purpose, which can only be seen by account administrators.
    • PublicUserKey is a unique identifier for Virtual Clinical Participants groups used to create unique URLs to direct link patients to the specific Group screen for registration and provider selection. Navigate to Profile > Account Groups for more information.