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Published 09/16/2020 at 5:17am UTC

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With the release of the SecureVideo One-Click platform, how can I automatically start or join a session without needing to click any button on the provider or patient dashboard?


Note: this capability does not apply to our Zoom integration, as that platform requires a browser click by the user in order to launch the installed Zoom application.


With the SecureVideo One-Click platform, a session can be joined automatically using the Auto-Start feature, without the need for the user to click any buttons on the dashboard. Depending on whether the user is a Non-Registered (9 Digit) User, a Registered User Logging in with Username and Password, or a Registered User Logging in through Single Sign-On, there are three different techniques to accomplish Auto-Start.



Non-Registered Users

For users using 9 digit connect codes (i.e., patients who are not registered users), simply include the parameter "launch=1" in the /Pass/Join query string, and the video session will launch automatically after the page load is complete. An example URL that will Auto-Start a session participant who has a ConnectCode 111222333 would be:

The launch parameter is the only parameter required since a non-registered user only ever sees a single session on their waiting room page, so therefore that is the session that must be launched.

In all Auto-Start cases, query string parameters can be combined as necessary. For example, to use Auto-Start with the Passkey feature you would use:


Registered Users Logging in with Username and Password

For users who login to a dashboard, two query string parameters need to be included: "scrollTo=1234567890" (where 1234567890 is the SessionId of the session you wish to Auto-Start) and "launch=1". The scrollTo parameter scrolls the dashboard (once fully loaded) to the session you wish to Auto-Start, and the launch parameter starts that session. In this way, if the session gets disconnected, the user will be in the correct position on the dashboard to relaunch that session. An example URL that will Auto-Start SessionId 22222222 for a logged in user with UserId 33445566 who is hosting or participating in that session would be:

These are URLs which, if you guide session hosts or participants into sessions by linking from a page on your portal, will automatically start the specified One-Click Session. If the user is not authenticated at the time you perform the browser redirection, the user will be taken to the Login screen to login, and once logged in successfully, will be taken to the Dashboard with the scrollTo and launch parameters as you had specified in the original redirection.


Registered Users Logging in through Single Sign-On

For users who login via Single Sign-On (see API - Login), the technique is identical to the above section, except you must add the scrollTo and launch parameters to the LoginUri property that you receive back from the Login API endpoint. Once you direct the user to the LoginUri with these query string parameters added, the SecureVideo application will redirect the user to the dashboard, scroll to the appropriate session on their dashboard, and then launch the session.

As an example, assume that you want to use SSO to login UserId 33445566 and then Auto-Start SessionId 22222222. You make the POST request to the User's Login API endpoint (/Login/33445566), and you receive back this payload: 

"LoginGuid": "73f8969e66b94c70a1d4f072bffacd50",
"RedirectToUriOnExpiry": "",
"LoginUri": ""

The URI you should redirect the user to in her browser would be the returned LoginUri above, where you then append the scrollTo and launch query string parameters:



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