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Published 09/12/2017 at 5:57am UTC

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If your camera and/or microphone are not working, and clicking on the camera and/or microphone icon give you the following message: 

Unable to access camera - Please allow Zoom to access your camera from device settings.             Unable to access microphone - Please allow Zoom to access your microphone from device settings.



Possible Causes

When joining a session for the first time on Zoom, you are prompted to grant permission to access your camera and microphone. (The phrasing is a bit unfortunate, but controlled by Android.) If you deny permission AND ask not to be asked again, you cannot re-enable the camera/microphone through the app.

  • Screencaps below show Zoom
  • If you denied permission the first time, clicking the camera or microhone icon will prompt you with the same question as long as you didn't indicate you never want to be asked again. 

Allow Zoom to record audio? Never ask again checked              Allow Zoom to take pictures and record video? Never ask again is checked



The instructions below use screencaps taken from Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). If your Android version varies widely, it may be fastest for you to uninstall and reinstall Zoom and re-enter the meeting instead, so that you are prompted again to provide permission to access the camera/microphone.



Zoom permissions

1. Tap on your Settings icon to open the settings for your device.




2. Scroll down in your Settings until you see the menu for "Apps", and tap on it to open.




3. Scroll down your list of apps until you find Zoom, and tap on it to open.



4. Tap on the "Permissions" section to open it. 



5. Tap on a permission to toggle it on or off. Be sure that BOTH the camera and microphone are toggled on. 

  • You can toggle "Storage" on if you would like to send files through the secure chat, but this is optional. 
  • Other settings are not applicable when used with SecureVideo.


6. You can now unmute your camera and/or microphone within Zoom. 



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